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Have a house or property to sell?


Timber Creek Homes is always looking for houses and properties to buy.  We especially are interested in properties that have potential for improvement.  Our cash-in-hand way of purchasing ensures a quick and near hassle free experience for the seller.  When does it make sense to sell to us?  When you need your property gone and money in your pocket as fast as possible.  Events such as divorce, unexpected deaths, inheriting a property, job relocations, etc. leave you with a property that you don't need.  Also, when you sell us your house it will receive the attention to make it better than it was before.  We truly intend to improve the neighborhood and provide a value for the next homeowner.  Since our business depends on you spreading the good word about us to create more deals we are interested in "win wins" in which both you and us walk away better off.  For more information or if you have any questions please use our CONTACT US page.  


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